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twovests wrote

Ball-in-a-cup presents an obvious objective with a clear way to obtain it. Crucially, most people can look at it and see what the point is. It has centuries of history and is a craft that someone can replicate it without having to do any research on it. It relies mostly on skill, with most "randomness" being attributed to the inherently chaotic system. It has myriad variations.

I imagine now those myriad, ultra-shitty Game-and-Watch esque games. You know the ones, which can be replicated on the cheapest LCD display the world has to offer.

But which game meets all these factors, while also being so ubiquitous and important? Which videogame has been used as a courtship device, a gambling device, a competitive device, while also being an absolutely leisurely and mindnumbing activity?

Which game deserves the title of Contendor to Ball in a Cup?

It has to be Tetris.