concept: a soulslike but without bosses

Submitted by Dogmantra in killallgames

I like souls and soulsike games a lot but I'm never a fan of how a tricky boss can really interrupt the flow

I also find that the bosses I dislike the most are the more gimmicky bosses where you have to learn a particular trick or you interact with them in a way that you don't generally interact with the rest of the game

and because you only have to defeat bosses once in soulslikes, the ones that are nicely put together that take you only one or two tries are much more forgettable since you're not restarting over and over

the context for this is I'm playing The Surge 2 and I like it a lot but there's this parry mechanic that I don't much care for but this one boss is pretty much designed to force you to use it and it's very punishing if you fail.


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is Code Vein a soulslike? i was streaming it a bit. it seemed like Bloodborne with an anime girl PC. and obviously without From's magnificent art dept.


Dogmantra wrote

I think code vein is a soulslike yea.

and I am definitely getting better at the parrying nonsense! it's just kind of awkward controlling it - unlike most parry mechanics where you just have to hit block at the right time, in The Surge 2 you have to be blocking, and flick the right stick towards the direction the attack comes from. And if you mess up it costs a lot of stamina or health.



parrying sucks but i'm convinced it actually makes you like... a more resolute but also more sensitive person :) i believe in you!