Super Mario Maker 2 DLC prediction

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Remember when I made predictions for the smash bros dlc? Notice how incredibly wrong I was? I'm going to take a shot at something else because I love being wrong.

SMM2 contains an extremely weird subheading in the maker mode for "Extra Game Styles" that contains only one style, which clearly suggests that more are coming. The one style in there is Super Mario 3D World, and now that I've played it it's clearly cool but also... kinda incomplete? There's not the overwhelming options that 2D Mario has. Also note that the 2D Mario levels can be designed in, say, a Super Mario Bros 3 design, and then convert it over into like, a Super Mario World design. There's a few things that are different between each designs, like in what power ups are available. You can't take a 2D level and turn it into 3D and vice versa, however.

Basically what I think is coming is DLC to add additional three 3D styles to the maker, that you'll be able to swap between freely like you can with the 2D styles. Here's how it'll work.

  • Price: $20
  • Adds three modes to maker: 64, Galaxy, Odyssey
  • Adds new story mode
  • Will include elements of Sunshine
  • While you'll need to pay for the DLC in order to make levels with the new modes, you'll be able to play courses made in the new styles in course world without paying.
  • Sold on first anniversary of the game's release.

If I'm wrong I'm wrong but I really think I'm right. 2D mode works in part because it has four games worth of stuff, so if 3D mode is gonna be as cool it needs to be four games worth. It probably won't be something like Super Mario Land or Wario Land because building something new from scratch will feel as kind of unsatisfying as 3D Land is.

Part of the wow factor of 2D Mario maker is making something from SMB1 and then pressing a button and it looks like SMW, doing the same thing for 64 to Odyssey will be Rad. It also works as a series history retrospective.

They'll skip Sunshine in the styles because part of their builder uses common course themes between styles. These include ice and underground and desert, I don't think there's a way to do those and make it really feel like Sunshine. Odyssey matches all the themes except for ghost house. That would be one way to bring in Sunshine, as Sunshine has one.

It would be a bummer to make a level and not have someone able to play it, so I don't think they're going to separate course world like that. There's already a split between Mario Maker players who spend more time creating levels vs. those who just play, they can sell this to those who just play into the DLC with another story mode.

The pricing and release date is based on how they sold Octo Expansion for Splatoon.

this post is SO FUCKING DORKY I'm too much sorry everyone enjoy Mario Maker


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neku wrote

But 64, Galaxy and Odyssey were only in 3d. the 3d land/world (i forget which) had some side scroller games right? isnt that what the 3d land/world tileset was based off of


hollyhoppet wrote

I'm sure they could make it work. Sure it wouldn't be the same as the games they mimic gameplay-wise but it would aesthetically.


devtesla wrote (edited )

3D Land and World have fixed cameras with 3D movement, I don't think it ever locks you to 2D movement like the maker levels do. It's less of a drastic change than changing 64 to a 2D locked game would be, but there's still a lot they can do with that.


bunnies wrote

I think it comes down to the level editor. Can they make one where it's possible to create a good 3d level with a reasonable amount of effort? It's going to be tough, especially with the input possibilities on the switch.

My money's on SMB2 DLC, but with way more cool blocks and stuff compared to the original game.


devtesla wrote

I don't think they're going to make a 3D level editor, it's just going to be like the current 3D land levels and be locked to a 2D plane. It's definitely weird, but there's also a ton of really good possibilities.


bunnies wrote

oh right, I didn't realize that 3D world is actually a 3D game lol. your whole vision makes a lot more sense now. :P


mm_ wrote

lol this is so good and i hope ur right