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anand wrote

I played it when I was too young to think things are bad so I thought it was the best thing ever.


1vs wrote

i liked it

i also liked sonic adventure 2 battle


musou wrote

my stepdad loved it so much that when he finally full cleared it he rigged up a way to tape the ending with a VCR


razz wrote

i fucking love dk 64. didn't realize it had a bad reputation?


missingno wrote

It was a big part of my childhood and I do still think it's a fun game in spite of its problems, but it's infamous for just having Way Too Many Things. At a certain point all the Kong switching just to grab those last colored bananas starts to get a little grating. It's so over the top it's practically a self-parody of Rare collectathons

Also whoever decided you had to beat the arcade Donkey Kong on one life with no continues in order to finish the game can step on a lego.


razz wrote

also considering how shit "gamer" opinions and tastes generally are, i really don't trust the general "gamer" consensus on games.