I'm gonna guess the rest of the Smash Ultimate DLC fighters

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I'm a little late to this sorry lol

Here's what we know so far about DLC characters:

  • The first is Joker from Persona 5
  • They were chosen by Nintendo not Sakurai
  • They want the characters to be a unexpected
  • Characters have to be loved enough that people will pay money for them
  • They've made it clear that it won't be a Xenoblade 2 character.

Other facts:

  • An exclusive marvel game is coming to switch next year
  • There's just a bare minimum of Final Fantasy content in Ultimate in order to feature Cloud, sense that licencing with Square Enix isn't going smoothly
  • I'm assuming characters in Soul Calibur 6 won't be in Smash.

So my picks are:


Spiderman is the most recognizable Marvel character but that's Sony's, Thor seems kind of Nintendoish to me and his moves fit the game. There will definitely be a Marvel character.

Minecraft Steve

I think MC is a big enough franchise to feel timeless, Fortnite is probably too new to make it.

Ryu Hayabusa, the Ninja Gaiden guy

Nintendo is close with Team Ninja, he's got a good move set for a fighting game, and can be cleaned up for an E rated game.


He would have to be cleaned up a lot to work but would be popular, and also would be worth it for Nintendo to advertise that the Switch gets Doom games.

Backup picks:

The main character from Fire Emblem Three Houses

Nintendo has debuted FE characters in Smash twice already. There is a Fire Emblem fatigue in Smash but they might do this again.


They might just say fuck it and put in Spiderman lol

Banjo Kazooie

Definitely could see how this would happen but I'm pretty sure Microsoft would prefer to promote Minecraft.

Probably not:

Erdrick from Dragon Quest XI

Would own, but not known enough in the west to make it, I feel.


Would own, but doesn't seem strong enough for DLC. Not really sure how interested Ubisoft is in Smash, they love putting Nintendo characters in their games but I'm not sure if it would work the other way around.


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toasthaste wrote

I'm not convinced about marvel characters, cause video games aren't their main thing. Tho also idk who has the rights to video game versions of spiderman, it could be separate from movie versions. I'd expect popularity in japan to have a strong influence(hence all the fire emblems), but I don't really know much about that, so I'm guessing, IF there was a non-spiderman marvel, it'd be Iron Man or Hulk.

MC Steve I definitely think is possible. I'm also not ruling out an Overwatch character(presumably Tracer). Undertale has the tiniest sliver of a chance imo but it wouldn't be sans, I'm betting it'd be Frisk or Papyrus.

I'm holding out vain hope for amaterasu from okami, and for Phoenix Wright.

I think John Skyrim stands a real chance, and would probably have a really interesting moveset.

Knuckles or Tails also seem possible.


devtesla wrote

Thank u for the good reply.

Hulk is a great choice, probably better than Thor.

Overwatch may get in if they're doing a switch port, idk if they are though.

I don't think Undertale has a chance at all but you're definitely right that if it was in it wouldn't be sans.

Okami or Phenox Wright would own but I don't think they're popular enough or suited for a fighting game enough.

DRAGONBORN does have a big chance and I almost had them on my list until i decided on doomguy

Knuckles or Tales amaluld rule but idk if that would be a DLC level kind of thing


Fangren wrote

Ehh, I'm kinda doubtful that anything from Marvel will make it in. They're comic book characters first and foremost, it would feel weird to me if they were included.


neku wrote

what does a minecraft steve moveset look like. also tfw no sans


devtesla wrote

They turned the villager from Animal Crossing into a character anything is possible.

If they were gonna put an indie game character into it they would probably go with Shovel Knight and he's an assist trophy. Also I don't think Sans would be good in smash even as Undertale characters go because his moveset would have to be from a secret boss battle most people didn't play.


1vs wrote (edited )

read this fuckin comment on othersite

Chief actually has pretty solid chance of getting in, Nintendo made it clear with Sonic and Snake in brawl that Everyone is invited. Since Snake revolutionized Stealth games. So I could see Chief in as the godfather of online play. I know I'll get flak for this but Sans could get in as well. I know he's lesser know and doesn't have a lineage of games. But so did pit and Ice Climbers. Plus Undertale re-invented what the idea of an RPG is by having the ability to not kill Anyone. But that's just a thought