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toasthaste wrote

I'm not convinced about marvel characters, cause video games aren't their main thing. Tho also idk who has the rights to video game versions of spiderman, it could be separate from movie versions. I'd expect popularity in japan to have a strong influence(hence all the fire emblems), but I don't really know much about that, so I'm guessing, IF there was a non-spiderman marvel, it'd be Iron Man or Hulk.

MC Steve I definitely think is possible. I'm also not ruling out an Overwatch character(presumably Tracer). Undertale has the tiniest sliver of a chance imo but it wouldn't be sans, I'm betting it'd be Frisk or Papyrus.

I'm holding out vain hope for amaterasu from okami, and for Phoenix Wright.

I think John Skyrim stands a real chance, and would probably have a really interesting moveset.

Knuckles or Tails also seem possible.


devtesla wrote

Thank u for the good reply.

Hulk is a great choice, probably better than Thor.

Overwatch may get in if they're doing a switch port, idk if they are though.

I don't think Undertale has a chance at all but you're definitely right that if it was in it wouldn't be sans.

Okami or Phenox Wright would own but I don't think they're popular enough or suited for a fighting game enough.

DRAGONBORN does have a big chance and I almost had them on my list until i decided on doomguy

Knuckles or Tales amaluld rule but idk if that would be a DLC level kind of thing