Fired on Mars (HBOMax) was good.

Submitted by cute_spider in just_post

I liked the message that you can escape a Kafkaesque corporate nightmare by doing personal growth and cultivating relationships with people who are willing to be honest with you.

I also liked that it had a simple animation style, but insisted on high concept cinematic moments. I also think that this is the first show where I had the realization that I was watching something very well paced. I don't normally notice things like that, but as I was watching it, I realized that the show gave me plenty of time to breathe after intense moments, but not so much time that it ever let me lose attention.

It won't change your life, but it's definitely worth your time. 👍


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cute_spider wrote (edited )

Slightly more spoilery thoughts?

I like that Jeff is a good hearted pleaser. And I like how the show explores pleasers and their difficulty speaking honestly. Because Jeff is a super dishonest person. He doesn't mean to be, he's just a naive pleaser, and you can't have a real conversation with someone if you're not willing to say something that will make them upset. So, he goes for entire episodes without telling a single truth. He's ridiculous.