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victoria wrote (edited )


this is a funny one to me because there is all sorts of weird shit in unicode that no one ever uses, like the ij digraph that no dutch speakers actually use or most of the stuff in the Letterlike Symbols block that is arguably more of a font thing than actual discrete characters, or letters in circles and undeciphered characters and Shaw & Deseret and dead music notation and this entire mess and Mahjongg and individual code points for all 120 playing cards + 2 jokers and 22 nonexistent cards and all, of, these for some reason. and yet there isn't one for a character that appears to have had enough significance to be engraved on statues and gravestones all over the place

in fact there arent even any english google results for this. shame!!


neku wrote

i think today the phaistos disc probably has less cultural importance than the zodiac killer's notes so there should probably be a code block for the glyphs he used in unicode. that would be funny


twovests wrote (edited )

forebidden chinese characters

(i dont know enough mandarin to know what is unpostable but i am intensely curious. duang?)

EDIT: ohh this was about citrus