Please wear a mask

Submitted by flabberghaster in just_post

Covid isn't over just because people got bored of it. It's the absolute least we owe one another.

Wear one, because if caring about others isn't reason enough, then because I'll beat you up if you don't.


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neku wrote

putting aside caring about others (as i am wont to do) i still wear a mask indoors/around lots of people because i dont like being sick and i literally dont have the time for it


toasthaste wrote (edited )

iirc their efficacy has waned significantly as the virus has evolved (esp for weaker-than-N95 masks (most cloth masks are... more or less security theater at this point, has been my understanding)) but I am still wearing my N95s when I go places in part because I'm not interested in going back to breathing strangers' stank mouth-air, and in part because, how did it go, "like I'm ever going to let some absolute godless pervert see the bottom half of my face ever again. in a TARGET, no less"


flabberghaster wrote

Yeah I'm talking N95. Paper and cloth masks are fake, but a nice gesture I guess.

I'd love to see a study backing up that n95 and above are less effective.


toasthaste wrote

oh y'know what I'm not sure I actually saw anything specifically pointing toward n95s and up, it might have just been something about smaller particle sizes making most masks less effective/ineffective that I extrapolated to the good ones, but I'm not sure. Tried googling it just now but it's so hard to find actual relevant information on google these days >_<