How many postmills exist?

Submitted by flabberghaster in just_post

I know of the two linked on the postmill git repo (this and raddle), but I wonder if there are secret deployments where people talk about secret stuff on them.

It doesn't matter, expansion is not a goal in itself, I just wonder. As forum software goes I am being 100% sincere when I say it's the best I've ever used.


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emma wrote

there's quite a number of people who've asked for help setting up postmill in the matrix channel, and i've seen a few blog posts that also discuss setting it up. so it's possible there's quite a few, but since there's no telemetry or phoning home, idk


twovests wrote (edited )

Oh!! I used to keep track of these. Here's a list using the same methods I used prior:


  • Raddle, of course
  • The one with neo-nazis (r****e dot pw).
  • A Chinese frontend dev who uses a Postmill instance to post a GitHub instance.
  • https://cyber.report/, an invite-only Cybersecurity news site, similar to the above.
  • A Portuguese language TTRPG forum
  • A few smaller ones that seem to have no posts or members (kini)
  • jstpst!! just post is the very best place, the very best place to post, just post is the very best place, the very best place to post
  • jstpst is the very best place
  • the very best place to post

Ones which went down

  • Babble (no idea what it was tbh)
  • gamergrounds

Secret deployments:

  • eye2p
  • "dntpst", which nobody can access, not even the admin.)

I haven't checked any Postmill mirrors on the Gits to see if they point to existing instances.