so apparently "frowning" being an expression of the mouth is actually just an american thing

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this is so weird. apparently frowning in other places just refers to wrinkling the forehead?? but i swear the word frowning has always just meant downward curvature of the lips to me. this is so weird!!!

i guess it doesnt help that this is exactly what the frowning emoji is doing in every emoji set so i guess that's also wrong, technically. although i'm having a hard time imagining a forehead wrinkle emoji so i think i'm good with the way it is rn


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srsly wrote

Americans: ☹🙁☹😦🙁☹🙁

Rest of the world: 😐😑😐😐😑😑😐😑


hollyhoppet wrote

i mean we have the phrase "turn that frown upside down" and i don't think that's referring to forehead wrinkles


neku wrote

here in new zealand i always thought that a frown was kind of... both??? but i dont remember ever like, learning what expressions were other than like happy :) sad :( angry >:( i feel like its one of those words i picked up from context in books and understood as a thing you do when you're sad