pointless rant

Submitted by victoria in just_post (edited )

have you ever heard people complain about how like, some people call women "girls" but don't call men "boys"

i've often seen this as some sort of argument to epically own the libs by proving that since many trans women refer to themselves and other women as "girls" they must be pedophiles. or some weird shit like that

i used to actually find this weird myself (not trans people in particular, just generally) and i do still use "women" and "men" when referring to adults and myself because it feels more correct, but i've developed the impression that the only people who actually call women girls but don't do the same for boys are just old men lol. like, it feels to me like the terms girl and boy are used much more commonly by all women but you never see a man referring to a group of men as "boys" unless they're like, under the age of 30

so maybe as usual it's just a bunch of weird old dudes complaining about some shit no one does except them. ye olde projection


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devtesla wrote (edited )

Boys is used for adult men in like extremely familiar and casual contexts, like "Saturday is for The Boys" kind of stuff. There's definitely men who use "girl" in a more insulting context but like it's the intent that makes it bad not the word, I feel Lol. Anyway thank you for the pointless rant I enjoyed it


flabberghaster wrote

Yeah, if someone tells a group of men like, "well, boys, what are we doing tonight" it feels weird unless the one saying it is very close with the group. And for myself I feel way too uncomfortable to call a group of women "girls" it just feels so weird and wrong to me.