apple event predictions

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  1. Do more with Apple Watch Series 8, now featuring headphone jack.
  2. And now, Apple Watch Series 8 Pro, with USB C with Thunderbolt 4.
  3. Now introducing the iPhone 14. We didn't do anything new with the hardware but we software locked some new features.
  4. and the iPhone 14 Pro: Remember the notch? This one has two.
  5. And for the fans of TouchID, we have great news: We're still selling the iPhone SE.
  6. And now introducing the Macbook Pro. (screen spontaneously shatters on-stage). "We think you're going to love it."
  7. Oh... and One more thing. We're putting more advertisements into iOS. That's right: More ads in more of your favorite apps. What are you going to do about it?
  8. And one more thing... New iPhone 14 starting at $1200. The Apple Watch starts at just $600.
  9. And introducing the new Airpods Pros 3


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neku wrote

remember when the iphone 4 had a spot on the side where if you touched it the phone lost connectivity with the mobile network https://www.businessinsider.com/apple-antennagate-scandal-timeline-10-year-anniversary-2020-7