my dysphoria rolled over and underflowed and now im cis

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look you see, trans / cis gender is encoded in the sign component of a standard IEEE 32 bit floating point. nonbinariness? in the mantissa. the rest of the gender? in the exponent. i know, im surprised by the trans cis binary as well.

but genders are floats. you? you're a 16 bit floating point... me... i'm a double

(someone pls please get me the double float representation in hex of an snan. that's my gender. i can't figure out where to find the spec that explains it)

are you still with me on genders being floats

because check this out.... yeah

oh and what about this...

are you with me still

consider if we had this conversation while having a root bear float on the pride parade float


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neku wrote

ice cream floats are gross to me but otherwise good post op.


flabberghaster wrote

My gender is actually a fraction; just two ints stored in a tuple. Call me Mr Too Damn Rational.