I'm feeling really anxious

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Bad things are coming. And I feel like I have been talking about stuff people don't want to hear. Like, with my co workers, I just say what I think about non mask wearing and covid not being over.

But, just because I'm right doesn't mean it doesn't piss them off. And now with the economy going down the tubes, I feel like I should have just gone along to get along a lot more.

Maybe I am spending too much time on twitter, where it's kind of OK to just blow up at random people. Maybe I've always been like this (never knowing when to shut up). Maybe it's both and other stuff.

Whatever the case, I'm just feeling really anxious and insecure.


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musou wrote

i'm also still taking the same covid precautions as always even though most of the people i know IRL aren't anymore (for no good reason). an old friend of mine actually just moved to my city and i haven't been able to go over and visit with them because i still have to be just as careful as always. i have multiple people in my life going through chemotherapy and an infant niece to worry about. i totally understand your frustration, this experience has taught me how many otherwise rational people i know will actually choose to ignore data because they don't want it to be true.

it can be very lonely to affirm what you know is the truth, but i don't think you should feel bad about yourself or your actions for it.


flabberghaster wrote

Oh, I don't feel bad for speaking the truth, I feel worried that if there's layoffs I will be on the chopping block since I'm the surly downer of the office, is more the concern.

Yeah covid has really shaken my worldview. I thought most people wanted to do what's right to help others but structural issues make that difficult. But seeing how many people are so quick to just refuse to take even the smallest steps to protect others like wear a mask, and instead say if you're at risk just never go outside ever, just... I don't know how to handle that.

Early on when people thought they were at risk, everyone was onboard. But now people think that being vaxxed makes them personally safe, no one seems to give one single shit about taking precautions anymore, since it's other people who are at risk, not them.

This lack of care for others is just... Impossible for me to understand in any other way than just thinking most everyone i see is a selfish fucking asshole, and that's not a healthy way for me to exist in the world.