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devtesla wrote (edited )

Can you link to someone talking about this? There's a popular "mastadon failed so we're trying this" post that I thought had good points, and I'd rather not go off of vague rumors about this kind of thing.

Edit: yeah everything I've seen from the founders looks cool to me, and a lot of what they want is freedom to actually control nazis and terfs that you can't get on mastadon, so I don't know what all this is about


hollyhoppet wrote

i'm afraid i don't have the emotional energy to relitigate some history that was traumatic for several of us at the moment, or to ask for receipts from those who were traumatized. maybe this weekend.


devtesla wrote

Oh yeah I understand. I'm excited for cohost, which is why I'd like to know what's up, if you're able to. All love Holly!