Go-Rasthon++ — a programming language for the new age

Submitted by Moonside in just_post


  1. Dynamic typing saves key presses, especially convenient when coding with your phone on the fly

  2. First order block chain primitives let you create your own stable coin in seconds.

  3. AI bug correction senses silently what you must have meant. All code is running code.

  4. Hard to explain symbols are made clear English words. For example the notorious algebraic symbol '+' in expression '1 + 1' is transformed into '1 arithmeticAdditionEvaluateLeftThenRightCombine 1'.

  5. No recursion. Recursion is an ivory tower concept that makes code messy. Mergesort is an exponential class algorithm in this language.


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srsly wrote

BlockchainCoin foo = new BlockchainCoin();
foo.pump("Hello World");

wow I just made fourteen thousand dollars in Go-Rasthon++!


Moonside wrote

14,000 thousand dollars? Nice job being poor you fiat worshipper. You could have cashed out by buying a fraction of a Bitcoin which will always hold the value of a fraction of a Bitcoin.