does anyone else get anxious every time Apple has a new announcement coming up

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apple is hugely influential on hardware, especially on phones

they paved the way for my least favorite phone things, like the headphone jack disappearing or phone screens not being rectangles

but they also released ARM macs, which was the final kick in the teeth needed to get everyone to make ARM builds standard. Linux had this forever (thanks Raspberry Pi) and Windows had this but it was super limited

apple isn't so influential in laptops though, which is a shame. patents are probably to blame. i'd love for magsafe on a non-mac laptop, or touch bars to have become standard. i also credit apple for leading the way with good touchpads.

but still, i'm loss averse. every time apple has a new announcement or leak, i get worried. what's next?

here's some bad ideas:

  • imessage is now an open standard but it runs on NFTs
  • iphones are now portless and buttonless
  • convergence: connect your phone to a screen and keyboard, and you have full macos!
    • but this is made possible by making macos worse, not by making ios better
  • apple revamps their graphics APIs again, says "fuck you" to game devs. then they buy up every major game studio for exclusive contracts
  • same as the previous bullet, but also with NFTs
  • "turns out anyone can make an android phone," says apple, announcing their own Android distro with their own app store
    • (don't tell anyone you heard this from me, but apple has dabbled internally with their own android phone)
  • batteries are now external and are bought separately
  • batteries are now external and are bought separately and are also NFTs


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hollyhoppet wrote

i'm an iphone dev imagine what that's like lmao. that said:

  • They already tried to move toward the convergence idea around ios 8 and it just didn't work out so i think that ship has sailed. like wile e coyote, apple rarely tries the same thing twice
  • I doubt they'll do anything with NFTs aside from cursory support somewhere if the NFTbros make enough noise. Apple tends to be pretty risk averse when it comes to tying in with technologies that aren't their own.

twovests wrote

oh geeze i feel for you. i understand every WWDC is a nightmare because apple has a history of pulling the rug out from under you. and unlike my petty concerns, it could mean you have like 2 days to retool an entire app?


Dogmantra wrote

iphones are now portless and buttonless

Oh fuck this is gonna be a whole thing isn't it I can just feel it. And it's not even going to be reserved for reasonable use cases like ultra-rugged watertight phones, it's going to be a standard just because phone manufacturers hate me, specifically.


twovests wrote

god i would prefer literally anything else on this list. if portless buttonless phones become the norm i'm going to be come the joker


emma wrote

nah, i'm not too worried. the only thing i worry is they aren't going to make the exact thing i want, or they will make the exact thing i want but it has significant drawbacks and costs 3x more than is reasonable.


flabberghaster wrote

I guess it would be nice if apple did switch from I message go RCS. Then everyone's phone could use one standard

That said RCS doesn't support e2e encryption so I guess it doesn't really matter that much.


twovests wrote

I think E2EE is available but only for 1-on-1 convos and only by Google's flavor of RCS and I think they store your keys like Apple does anyones


flabberghaster wrote

Well if they have the keys to decrypt it then there's no point in E2E, it's effectively not encrypted, since they can decrypt it.

I mean, it's better than not being encrypted at all but the whole point of E2E is only you and your intended recipients can read it.


twovests wrote

Yeah, it's basically just transport encryption.

With basic SMS, anyone with $100 or so of equipment (like, police, or even a bored and resourceful child) can fake a tower and force-downgrade your encryption to read your messages. Your cell provider also sees your messages.

At least with iMessage or whatnot, you can rest assured that only Apple can open your messages. And, I assume it's not standard to open them (for analytics and marketing) unless there's a warrant.