*me opening a package of fig newtons* What was Sylvia Plath complaining about. I love figs

Submitted by twovests in just_post

fucked up sylvia plath didn't have the internet or a smart phone. i don't have to choose any one fig, i can do a zillion of them

i can just download sunvox.exe and play some tunes on the train

and then write a bad poem before my stop

and then i read how to write a raytracer on my phone while walkin to my apartment

and then when i get home i play minecraft with friends

and then post pictures of my butt to my nsfw twitte

and then like tweets by scientists on my science twitter

then i sit down with my roommates cat and doodle a little comic

and then i go to jstpst dot net to pretend to dunk on one of the most fascinating and tragic poets i know of

fuck!! i dropped all my fig newtons!!


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