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flabberghaster wrote

People act like The Law is magic and if you say the right words at the right time then you have to get what you want. They don't realize that the legal system is just like any other system: made up to make things easier for whoever has power.

Even real lawyers are the same as soverign citizens to me, except the 'real lawyers' just have the buy in of the judges. It's all fake either way!


emma wrote

want to explain the lawyers = sovcits thing? i can't make the logical leaps to that conclusion myself, so i'm very curious what you mean by it.


flabberghaster wrote (edited )

It's not 100% serious but sovcits think that by saying the right things at the right time the government can't do anything to them. (ie, they always talk about how they don't have a "contract" with the government or that if there's a gold fringe on the flag, the court has no jurisdiction).

Lawyers think that if they make a compelling enough argument, the government will be forced to stop doing its thing.

In both cases, they overestimate the power of "The Law" -- if the government wants to do something they will make up a reason to do it and say it's the law. But in the case of the sovcits they also misunderstand what 'the law' is.

But both of them think that by invoking the right logic you can wield power, which I guess is kind of true in some cases.