does anyone actually want this "metaverse" stuff

Submitted by victoria in just_post (edited )

its just roblox second life except it also has nfts

im not convinced anyone wants or needs this. every use case i have seen has either been some earth 2 level cash grab scam or like, virtual vrchat meetings

i think companies try too hard to convince us we need to have futuristic shit to work at 120% efficiency to generate more Value™ for our corporate overlords when in reality it is just completely useless. its not even anything new either this pops up every like 4 years i had to work with the original hololens for an ar tech demo and it was essentially useless because it just ran a really shitty stripped down version of windows that did not work with anything we needed lol. but hey it can put a dinosaur 3d model in uh... a tiny 30° field of view


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Alessia wrote

when i first heard people talking about the metaverse i thought i'd missed something fundamental about it but no, turns out that shit is just vr chat

i don't get it


musou wrote

i have yet to see a VR headset i can wear for more than 20 minutes without getting a massive headache, so even setting aside the ridiculous forced recreation of scarcity for digital "things" that can be easily copied, it just seems like a very bad thing to bet a lot of money on. remember when they were pushing "pivot to video" and then it turned out the whole thing was a scam? this is just that again


ash wrote

the quest has a little strap thing that goes over the top that helps it not hurt as much, but eye strain is still an issue. honestly in general with computer screens, they're often too bright for me. i always set them to one notch before totally dark lol


hollyhoppet wrote

i think vrchat is cool. i’ve seen friends use it to express identity and just hang out long distance. but the rest of it sucks


flabberghaster wrote

I seriously do not see the point. Even zoom sucks, to me. I don't feel the need for VR for most interactions.

It feels like Facebook is grasping at straws trying to think of something to do with all their engineers to be quite honest.


victoria wrote

yeah to me there is a lot of the human element missing even in regular video conferences. i feel like using 3d avatars instead of a compressed video of a real face would not make it a lot better how am i supposed to empathize with a virtual funko pop??


ash wrote

video calls are better than just audio imo, but i'd rather just text for most things so i can like listen to music and do other things at the same time, and also to think about how to respond to certain things


twovests wrote

I've never used VR but it sounds fun. I've thought a lot about it for higher-level math education. Linear algebra, multivariable calculus, etc. could probably be partnered really well with 3D visualizations.

Just like Alessia, I also felt like I was missing something. I thought "metaverse" was going to be more of an augmented-reality thing, like Pokemon Go but with magic glasses.

Even worse, VR is expensive and the only accessible solution for most people (Oculus) is gatekeeped by Facebook. So I don't really want it no