very disappointed by "block chain"

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if you told me 5 years ago that we were gonna get a decentralized protocol that offers file storage and distributed computation, threatening to break up AWS, had increasing widespread adoption, and is basically a non-neumann architecture that you can actually use and doesn't exist in the real world, and also you get to flex your understanding of tree data structures, i'd be real excited!!

if you told me that the people who are adopting it are so insufferable and toxic to the point where i'd rather learn and use fucking AWS, i wouldn't believe you!

okay well i'd probably believe you, but be real disappointed.

like, there's so much about it that sounds exciting and i can't blame people for being excited by ~Ethereum~ early on. i still think proof-of-stake is coming, but it's not like that'll help the GPU shortage (they'll just move their miners to bitcoin) and it's not like it'll turn all the nft people around

very disappointed by "block chain"


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musou wrote

a "block chain" is what happens when i see a whole thread of nft bros on twitter


voxpoplar wrote

It doesn't really offer file storage. It's prohibitively expensive to put that much data on the blockchains that people actually use so the NFT stuff is generally just URLs to files stored elsewhere. The distributed computation sort of exists in Ethereum smart contracts the distributed VM's processing power is pathetic. Like an order of magnitude worse than a raspberry pi for the entire network I think. None of this is actually useful.


twovests wrote (edited )

oh i understood NFTs as being short strings but i thought there were some "proof of storage" coins implemented as ERC tokens?

i am happy to be out of the loop on cryptocurrencies. i feel that i am Healing