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Dogmantra wrote

I'd shop local more often if the receipts had a picture of an ape smoking a blunt on them


hollyhoppet wrote

i have no idea how this relates to NFTs but i appreciate it all the same


vica wrote (edited )

the various nft scams going around that just involve generating a "unique" piece of "art" and selling "ownership" of the resulting jpeg for like 10 eth when in reality they're all just the exact same image but with different "accessories" overlaid onto them. theyre all just one of those avatar makers everyone used in 2012 except people are buying them for like $50,000

a lot of these happen to involve apes for some reason

i think most people associate nfts with apes at this point because they are everywhere and they look like shit lol


devtesla wrote

The Blockchain that everyone goes on and on about is like, a ledger that is kind of resistant to being altered after the fact but not really