What do you use for domain names?

Submitted by twovests in just_post

I am trying to get away from Google but I'm still stuck on their domains, because everyone else in the area seems to suck.

GoDaddy, NameCheap, and NameSilo are also off the table for me for the various things giving them Bad Rep.

I was wondering what y'all use for domains, and what y'all like about them? Personally, Google Domains has a fine interface and it seems they update so fast that I don't need to even care about "TTL" (but I also change my DNS to Google's when debugging my stuff).

I'd stay with Google, but I'm mainly worried about the random and inexplicable account closures that Google is known for.


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hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

dreamhost might be ok? i at least haven’t heard anything bad about them haha