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emma wrote

Oh yeah, I remember the Thinkpad.

I got an X270 back in 2017 and got to experience, in no particular order, the joys of:

  • Crashing during a firmware update on day 1 with the stock OS install, then having to use another computer to figure out there's a tiny reset hole on the bottom because holding the button for 5 seconds didn't work.

  • Keys having weakened clips and popping off after 5 months of use.

  • Clit^H^H^H^HNi^H^HTrackPoint™ drift.

  • Not being able to type because the Windows drivers stop key inputs while the TrackPoint™ drift is happening, and it's very difficult to get it to stop.

  • Sudden shutdowns with "musical" error codes you need an app on your phone to decode. Really.

  • Touchpad literally disintegrating beneath my fingers from day one. Tiny balls of microplastic just rubbing off for every stroke of the finger. Look up "thinkpad touchpad" on Google Images, and you'll see how prevalent this problem is.

  • If you used the click latch on the touchpad, the cursor could suddenly jump to somewhere else, causing a misclick.

  • Creaking in the chassis to the point people were staring at me while using it.

I avoided the Dell XPS because the camera points towards your nostrils, but in hindsight that would probably have been the better choice.


twovests wrote

Haha oh my god this is so shitty. I have an XPS and I have had none of these problems.

If you didn't have a source I would have thought you were joking, that's so bad. Even worse, it seems the app is Android only and doesn't even work, per the reviews