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toasthaste wrote

bagel with avocado

my 40-50 year old boss recently excitedly told me about how she's discovered avocado toast and I was so happy and also had to work so hard to not bust out laughing


Moonside wrote

Honestly I need to get myself an avocado and pea sprouts as a garnish, toast one bread square to a perfect level of doneness, one not too black nor too bland, spread the fruit with a golden knife and serve it all on a bed of flowers. Ah, a breakfast!


musou wrote

turkey sandwich but i'm out of pickles


emma wrote

anyone else reading this in 2022


twovests wrote

yeah! excited for the 2023 post


emma wrote

i predict the 2023 post will be the last of the golden era of new years posts. the 2024 post will be met with mixed reactions by critics, with new york times reviewer Dave Tessler proclaiming it 'unfunnier and less interesting than we think'. this decline in quality will last until the 2027 post, which is widely acclaimed as a new standard for posts everywhere.


alenky wrote

i am exactly as funny and interesting as i think