thread for stupid comic ideas

Submitted by noammitski in just_post

trying to get better at sketching, a la new yorker style. i've had some stupid ideas for stuff but would like to hear some suggestions for more stupid stuff:

  • it's a dog eat dog world (hot dog eating a dog on a plate)
  • let's roll (bunch of stones/rocks thinking a party at the top of a hill is lame)
  • armed a dildo (animal school where substitute teacher gets armadillo wrong)


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toasthaste wrote

antigravity toothpaste (person is floating with a toothbrush realizing to their chagrin they used the wrong kind of toothpaste)


devtesla wrote

These are incredibly good. I don't have anything as good but here is one: a cooler with some drinks in it is sitting on the beach, under an umbrella, and the ice cubes inside it are looking content, caption "just chillin"