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Dogmantra wrote

defined some for ya

broust (verb) - to have an informal jokey argument, e.g. I spent the other day brousting with my best friend over whether drinking is a subset of eating.

astine - 1 (mass noun) sleep dust; the crust that forms around eyes while sleeping, e.g. I woke up and rubbed astine from my eyes. 2 (adjective) the state of being so tired that one starts to make a fool of themself, e.g. After staying up all night, the astine madman actually asked if London was the capital of Europe.

borsden (noun) - an insult meaning someone who has aspirations of fame and fortune but will never make it, short for Matthew Borsden who is a person I just made up and is therefore not famous, e.g. He thinks he's going to get rich off bitcoin and be the next Elon Musk, what a total borsden!

tuptonid (adjective) - of indeterminate shape, e.g. I'd describe the demon that attacked me as tuptonid, about eight foot in size.


toasthaste wrote

thank you for the effort of this post, this is an extremely high quality post


Dogmantra wrote

thank you! I wanted to do all of them but I couldn't think of definitions but I am glad you liked the ones I came up with.


flabberghaster wrote (edited )

Tuptid is a type of mysterious animal, related to cryptids but even mysteriouser


ellynu wrote

i read tuptonid as tuptnoid and i feel like that is some sort of mathematical thing but idk what


toasthaste wrote

tuptonid is a type of mushroom

grafe is a term for those fancy little butter spreaders