twin peaks and an unfortunate overlap with nazi symbolism (less cw than u'd expect)

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So, for those who aren't in deep on knowing a bunch of nazi symbols, you should know that Nazis are deep into some vague mix of mysticism. You'll find a lot of astrology, druid, nord, etc. stuff.

A problem here is that "nazi symbolism" overlaps a lot with "pagan/etc symbolism". Browse the ADL hate symbol database one time and it ruins you! Make a friend with someone really into astrology? Someone who is a self-proclaimed witch or pagan or satanist? Play some mid-2010 game that was probably kind of inspired by Skyrim?

Then you'll run into that kind of stuff!

So, while watching Twin Peaks, I kind of notice a common motif, the "odal rune" or "othala rune". ADL has a page on it here: https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/othala-rune

Of course, I don't have any reason to believe this was a nazi context at all. This is a show deep into SPOOKY MYSTIC stuff, and that's a totally valid reason for the Odal Rune.

But I had to search the internet to see what other Twin Peaks fans thought of it. The bad news is so many Twin Peaks fans have tattoos of this.

Now, surely some of these people are in the overlap between "Twin Peaks" fans and "white supremacists", but also surely not all of them. Probably not even most of them? And, Christ, that is what the word "cringe" was meant for.

Like, without the context, it's a neat little geometric tattoo from your favorite TV show!! Just fuckin search "twin peaks owl cave symbol tattoo" and cringe with me!

This is the purest form of cringe: A painful bout of empathy for a person who made a damaging mistake. It also makes me absolutely terrified to get any tattoo ever.


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