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Presidential_Afro wrote

the way u can tell is that one is called usb mini a one is called mini b one is called miniab one is called micro a and one is called micro ab


srsly wrote (edited )

Mini A is a little weird trapazoid shape with squished in edges.
Mini B... I don't know what mini b is.
Mini AB. Hang on, are you making these up?
Micro A is flat on one side, rounded on the other, and has little teeth on the flat side.
Micro AB is more square and basically makes people think it should fit in Micro A ports but cannot.


twovests wrote

Mini AB. Hang on, are you making these up?

no, but someone did, and for that they must pay


Dogmantra wrote

from my understanding A is just the regular plug, the wide one, B is the square "printer" plug, mini B is smaller but thicker than micro B which is the standard charging port.

but then this might be a joke that I don't get :/


twovests wrote

Mainly the mini/micros, they're very hard to differentiate from afar, and their form factors are so similar that it isn't immediately obvious why there's so many different ones.

And of course, there's the common critique of the "universal" serial bus having all these wild different variations.