Otherside Picnic is really good

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Well, not the anime (though I did watch the whole thing and overall enjoyed it because I knew to expect it to be a p bad adaptation)

But I've been reading the manga and dang it's good! It's good and it's gay (girl edition) and I really really like the characters! Especially the lead, she's such a good character, I really really like her. And it's really interesting and SPOOKY and not about high school age kids for once

There's not a lot of manga for the series out yet so I'm actually considering reading any light novels ever for the first time once I'm caught up. We'll see. The ideas it's playing around with with like... perception, and how human brains process fear, and general weird occult shit, are really interesting to me, AND it has slowburn yuri romance and it's just like. Hell yes. This was made for me.


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devtesla wrote

it was a huge bummer that the anime wasn't very good but yea love that yuri stalker