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oakreef wrote

For a while one of my hobbies was looking at the archived talk page of the Wikipedia article on Gamergate which is just pages and pages and pages of people having a meltdown that some random You Tube video of a man screaming about feminazis was not accepted as a reliable source.


srsly wrote

god this would have been so funny six years ago,

So biased
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I'm done with Wikipedia, this article looks like written by Zoe Quinn herself. If someone wanted to know what it was about, the only thing about what the proponents is "whose proponents state centers on the ethics of video game journalism" THAT'S IT

Then it goes about Phil Fish being doxxed, that Anita Sarkeesian made a video on Tropes vs. Women and stuff that has nothing to do with the matter. It cites TotalBiscuit but doesn't say what his opinion is.

I hope you guys are proud for killing Wikipedia. Everyone agrees that BOTH sides of the story should be in, this is ridiculous


neku wrote

reading this immediately makes me feel like an old man, but also the hale 18/19 year old in a deep depression that i was when gamergate was a going concern


Moonside wrote

I thought for a little while that gamergate was about ants. Like it had become a meme or something, I wasn't aware of the controversy. That was an innocent day or two before checking out what it was actually about.