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flabberghaster wrote

It's fine, I just prefer regular ones because that's what I'm used to.

Also, backslash is the common escape character, so if in Linux, somehow you have a file with a newline in its name, or you want to write the name of a file with a space in its name without quotes, you would do cat new\nline or rm spaced\ name.

So when I see a backslash it just looks wrong to me and I wanted to be dramatic.


emma wrote

the solution here is to meet in the middle and use | as a path separator

or we could use ¥ like they do in japan


hollyhoppet wrote

i have my machine's locale set to japan because you need to in order to make utau (a voice synthesis program) work and god the yen symbol thing is so weird and kinda annoying lol. thankfully in the terminal they provide fonts you can choose that render \ correctly