Where do you pirate fiction books?

Submitted by twovests in just_post

I recently got an ereader and I've found that

  1. Purchasing DRM-free ebooks just isn't possible anymore, and

  2. Using DRM-locked books just doesn't work on Linux,

so I don't really have any ethical qualms about piracy. There are plenty of places to pirate academic and non-fiction books, but I've not been able to find downloads for recent fictional books.

What changed in the past 10 years? Does anyone have some Hot Tips for Illicit Reading in 2021?


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oakreef wrote

also a lot of full books are just uploaded to archive.org


oakreef wrote

Library Genesis has a fiction section these days.


ellynu wrote

also if anyone needs a specific book you could try messaging me and i can see what i can find on various websites that i am registered for


Moonside wrote

There are guides to getting books you want on IRC. I haven't used them for fiction but they seem to have the goods. I suspect you can figure out the rest yourself.

Mutual aid above copyright, always.


Emily wrote

myanonamouse.net has served me pretty well