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neku wrote

as someone who used to work in a supermarket:

  • there is an innumerable amount of filth under those shelves. they have never and will never be cleaned. that can of beans is lost to time.
  • its slack as fuck to leave surfaces wet like that. every supermarket employee is trained to deal with spills and they should have done better
  • nobody cares about stock shrinkage. if you smashed six bottles of $50 wine the only thing anybody would complain about is cleaning up the mess so don't worry about chasing a can of beans

bottom line is fuck em who cares. hope you're not hurt


emma wrote (edited )

my arm was a bit sore after due to the weight of the basket, but i didn't fall or otherwise hurt myself. i'm sure that can is going to end up in an "EATING 50 yEAR OLD BEANS" video or something.