Watch King of the Hill

Submitted by twovests in just_post (edited )

King of the Hill has such a nuanced and Good critique of masculinity and whatnot

(edit: 'nuanced; was a joke)

(edit: nuanced is the funniest word i could imagine using to describe this popular Fox animation)

(edit: it is the most basic form of critique of masculinity i can imagine)

(edit: imagine the most masculine-abiding current-generation of Men critiquing their fathers)

It isn't perfect but like

It was on Fox's Animation Domination segment for so long, and the messages have been sorely passed by so many of americans who are now 40+

if you need a middle ground for shitholes who are still in your life, god damn is this it

Tbh most of its value lies solely in the discussion of gender roles and american exceptionalism

but? i dare u to find something better


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