BBC How They Dug the Victoria Line youtube.com

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I think this documentary is fascinating for several reasons. If we read it straight, like it was intended, it's just an incredible feat by all the people involved. It's also kind of funny the way they talk about late sixties technology like it's the pinnacle of human achievement. I mean it was I guess, at the time, but it's so outdated and retro right now. It makes it rather amusing to watch.

Watching this, I get very conflicted feelings about the actual workers involved. On the one hand, I want to idolize them and the conditions they worked under. Strong men, doing what it takes to get the job done. On the other hand, the lack of care for human safety is appalling. Like, how many people lost their fingers guiding heavy metal and concrete parts into place with their bare hands?

They kind of almost touch on this in the documentary, comparing the workers of "today" to the workers of old, and implying that things are so much better and more modern now. Makes you wonder what people will think of our current 2020 practices in 50 years.

Here's a song from another perspective. The contempt in Ronnie Drew's voice when he sings "the new victoria line" never fails to send shivers down my spine.


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