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oakreef wrote

first thought that popped into my head: cyber boobs

second thought that popped into my head: replace my back so it doesn't hurt all the time


neku wrote

razer titties. rgb nips. backlit. booby bluetooth. wifi enabled


Dogmantra wrote

if we're being practical, legs! I get fatigued super easily and find walking more than a short distance to be a) hard and b) tiring, so some robo legs would be rad! I'm mad as hell that electric scooters are illegal here because I think it would honestly be the perfect mode of transportation for short trips to the shops for me.

if we're being aesthetic, I'd replace my left arm with a cool metal arm with a cool design.


hollyhoppet wrote

I want telescoping arms with high torque double jointed elbows, and shoulders that have full spherical range of motion and also don't hurt


musou wrote

replace my feet with robo feet with built-in heelies. and replace my horrible RSI hands and wrists with robotentacles for faster typing and higher APM. maybe just replace my skin with a durable titanium exoskeleton. and anodize it purple.