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Volt wrote

"sometimes a little"

It's okay to like it you know


twovests wrote

i'm so sorry. i am so fucking sorry. i apolgoize. god dammit. i am sorry


Moonside wrote

I enjoy the riffing on scifi tropes and the show is mostly self-aware about Rick's faults, despite a part of the fandom not getting the point. I like the voice acting a lot. Some of the bullshitty aspects are things that you're apparently obligated to do to be an Adult Animated Comedy show being crass in a formulaic way, like the ridiculous amount of gore.

The Australian version was better though.


hollyhoppet wrote

it is and i think that's part of what makes the fandom so unfortunate


flabberghaster wrote

its actually pretty good! I really like that show! it's like fight club: Good, but has an annoying online fanbase (which includes me)