I kinda hate the term 'shitpost'

Submitted by flabberghaster in just_post

Like just something post is silly or frivolous, it's called 'shitposting'. As though any post is important.

It's so dismissive and disrespectful, IMO, to say something is a 'shitpost'. I would never call something someone made 'shit'. If you post something and it's a silly little joke, instead of a dissertation that's fine.

A post is just what someone is thinking about and decides to say. If someone IRL said some silly pun to you, would you say to them, "I don't have time for shitconversations right now." No. That would extremely disrespectful.

I'm not trying to elevate posting beyond what it needs, but just.... damn i wish people were more reflexively kind and less reflexively dismissive and derisive.


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hollyhoppet wrote

i've really only seen "shitpost" used on ones own posts and yeah don't think anyone should go around calling someone else's posts as such