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oakreef wrote

insert music pouch for freshly squeezed music


neku wrote (edited )

They’re made of wood, glass, cotton, and steel: materials that are humble and human, not technological.

i support this. when ithink about the problems i have today in listening to music its theres too many computers and circuitboards involved.

that said id be interested in hearing one of these in the flesh. the concept of paying for performances that you can only hear at a certain time then goes away forever is dumb as fuck though.

Oda's membership costs $79 per season, billed at the beginning of each season (spring, summer, winter, and fall)

three hundred and twenty United States Dollars per year baby!!?? i'll get those midis illegally thank you very much.


flabberghaster wrote

An accordion but you have to use specific bottles of pressurized air to reinflate it, can't just use the ambient atmosphere.


hollyhoppet wrote

It's like two cans and a string. As it should be.

I'm sorry WHAT??


Dogmantra wrote

yknow, as an art exhibit this is fucking cool as hell, but as a consumer product it's silly.


emma wrote

finally, scientists have answered the question, "what if sonos speakers looked like framed plywood"


twovests wrote

this seems more interesting than the juicero, but that is a very, very, very low bar to beat


devtesla wrote (edited )

what's so weird to me is the insistence on their own speaker. a live music streaming service seems like a no brainier concept


twovests wrote

Their justification is that it provides a controlled environment. The artists use the same speakers as you do, so it eliminates a variable to control for.

But there's a lot of other variables to adjust for than just the speaker technology, right? This is a lot of baloney right? I'm surprised they didn't use ~*Blockchain Technologies*~ as part of their speaker


srsly wrote

It's like two cans and a string.
As it should be.

The two cans are connected by a string to the internet, the string of course being wifi, and the two cans of course being IoT devices.
As it should be.