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musou wrote

isn't that the scottish guy who gets confused by density


hollyhoppet wrote

well it seems ok? i don't really understand how it integrates with the greater fediverse though since the like... design paradigm is totally different

their code of conduct seems pretty good. there's a section specifically dedicated to why being defensive after being called out for being an asshole is unproductive

looks like lots of posts complaining about tesla and elon musk on the site

that being said, fediverse has an enormous problem with techbro reply guys, and tech bros justifying things like scraping the entire network and archiving other peoples' posts. i'm super untrusting of anything that tries to be like reddit and is tech focused for this reason. still, this looks pretty interesting despite my misgivings


hollyhoppet wrote

Do you have any links by any chance? All I can find are references to the bassist/vocalist of motorhead and an old port of vi for windows.


mm_ wrote

oh never heard of it, interesting


no_defun_allowed wrote

would rather not, author is a tankie that uses it for tankie site

it's not federated yet IIRC (and hasn't been for like 2 years?)

and there isn't really any concern about the hierarchical nature of what they're doing; tank site had a shit ton of bans early on