retro guis were neumorphic not skeumorphic and i will fight to the death on this matter

Submitted by twovests in just_post

been doodlin UIs in my notebooks that were very windows 98 inspired

buttons raised and indented from a common plane

that gray stone-like material painted with few accented splashes of colors

light coming in from the top-left of your screen to cast depth and shadow to each object

the flat-like icons of internet explorer, the windows start menu, of the folders and notepads

then some hippy UI sons-of-bitches come along and call it "neumorphism"?? okay fine i can get on that, sure, we have more resolution to our displays, more power

make them soft, round, render these sliding stone slates as a softer, rubberier material, okay

return me now to the UIs of engraving and reliefs


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hollyhoppet wrote

yeah music, art, and fashion aren't the only fields where trends repeat themselves. it's about time we start to return to this style


Moonside wrote

I just google "neumorphism" and good grief it's just a high definition windows 95-98.