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neku wrote

this week i was at work and i realised that the night before i had a dream about a coworker whos pretty laid back so i thought that it might be a fun thing to share then after actually remembering the dream i was like "oh actually that was a Venlafaxine Dream™ i should not actually tell anybody about because its kinda fucked up and bad"


oakreef wrote

Dreamt that I was stuck on some bus in Belfast (I have never been to Belfast, I just knew in the dream it was Belfast) and we were on it for hours and some guy was eating pizza and I asked him about it and he gave me the number for a place that will deliver it and the people on the bus said to just ask for it to be delivered to "the number six" and they'll know which bus stop to bring it to but the guy on the phone had no idea what I was talking about or where to bring the pizza and the phone line kept breaking and I had to hold down a button continuously to be able to hear them like some weird reverse walkie-talkie.