game i made up

Submitted by oolong in just_post

translator scrabble, a ttrpg?

2-4 players

all players are translators with the target language as english, and the source language as another language they know or an entirely made up one (monolinguals, this is for you)

typical scrabble set up but every word you place down is now part of your translation. you're creating the source text and translation in realtime as you explain to your fellow translators what the text is even about. early game is pretty easy, but as you run out of free space to create words, and have to take into account existing lore for your text, the difficulty goes up

letter pieces all come with the same score - 1 board is laid out the same except instead of double word score, triple letter score, etc, it's:

blue - a double entendre/pun mishap while translating

red - your editor said no

light blue - ~untranslatable cultural context~

light red - there is a really long footnote

at the end of the game, players can rank the coherency of translations, i guess?

can make it harder by specifying technical or literary translators, assigning text themes beforehand, idk i don't make games


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Dogmantra wrote

I rate it 10/10 because it sounds fun. I rate it 0/10 because I love word games but none of my board game pals like them so I never get to play them :C


oolong wrote

i don't have board game pals so this was designed to make my translator/polyglot friends into board game pals lol that said, it'd take forever to get through a game because we would nitpick on everything