what are you playing from the itch bundle?

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you probably already noticed but there's like over a thousand games available for a pay what you want Black Lives Matter charity bundle over on itch, include a bunch of big indie hits like NITW and Celeste but also a ton of games I haven't heard of before. most of them are probably terrible BUT it's still really cool!

I'm glad about the bundle just cause it's given me a chance to play WIDE OCEAN BIG JACKET, which is a narrative game that's just an hour long about a couple taking their niece and her friend camping, that has this cool low-fi RE4 walk feel, and gave me relationship feels. here is trailer!!!


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hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

not a game but desktop meadows is really nice and calming. it's like one of those desktop pets from the 90s except it's not spyware and it puts a garden on top of your windows that birds come and go from. also you can send nice messages to each other

i played this before the bundle but i absolutely highly recommend a short hike. it's short and sweet and has good music and just feels good to play. you're just this bird girl climbing a mountain and meeting and chatting with people and maybe helping them out with a few things along the way.

odd realm is good and cute if you like dwarf fortress-alikes. great music too

i've had my eye on depth of extinction for a while but it had a rough launch. i hear it's in pretty good shape now and welp i have it now so i'll probably give that a go.


oakreef wrote (edited )

I have had so little times for games but I the bundle contains some great stuff I've already played.

Celeste is in there now which I don't think I needs any introduction.

Extreme Meatpunks Forever is a great game with visual novel scenes interspersed with killing nazis using mechs made of meat.

Lenna's Inception is a neat little game that tries to be "what if Zelda had randomly a procedurally generated world?" The answer is sadly "it would be like Zelda but a bit shit" but it does have some genuinely original and wonderful mechanics and moments that make it worth the lackluster random worlds. Sadly a lot of what's great is at the very end of the game. And also most of what's great is the bits that aren't random. I'd honestly love if it got revamped into a single "canon" campaign that was as well designed as the rest of the non-random stuff. It is also a tad edgy, though not as much as it was in the beta version :P

PICO-8 not a game but a wonderful little "fantasy console"/virtual machine designed around providing a friendly, cosy environment to play, share and make games. Has a built in game explorer to download stuff people have already made. The original version of Celeste was made in this.

Butterflies. It's a indie Jet Set Radio basically. Just one map so far. Guy who was making it hung out in the just post discord for a while but some stuff happened. I hope people don't mind me mentioning it.

Dominique Pamplemousse. Short little musical claymation point and click adventure games somewhat about the genders. There's two games and both are in the bundle.

Stuff that's in this that I think seems cool that I have not gotten around to playing: Overland, Night in the Woods, Minit, Secret Little Haven, KIDS, OneShot, SAI, A Normal Lost Phone, Oxenfree, Dujanah


oakreef wrote

BTW if you want things to show up in your library/download with with the itch client you need to go here


then click into your bundle purchase. Then on that page click on the download button next to the game you want. That will take you to the download page but you don't need to actually download any files. Once you go to the download page itself it'll show up in your library and you can install it with the itch client instead.


hollyhoppet wrote

also if you're ever looking for a tabletop game (of which there are several in the bundle) i would highly recommend blades in the dark