Richard Stallman is shitty, but has one of the best websites I've ever browsed

Submitted by onevest in just_post

For those who don't know, Richard Stallman / RMS is a Very Important Name in the free software world, who has been under fire for some pretty shitty opinions he had regarding pedophilia, which resurfaced recently after some comments he made regarding Epstein and his associates.

I won't get too much into that, it can be triggering and I think most of us are familiar with it.

But I love his website. Here's a page "Reasons not to buy from Amazon" that serves a good example. Everything is organized neatly into sections like "Exploiting workers mercilessly" or "Dodging taxes". In each section are several points, all of which are succinct, and most of which have citations. The page itself is tiny, only a few kilobytes of text. These "Reasons not to use" pages certainly aren't complete. The Microsoft page is surprisingly tiny for example.

Anyways I like these pages a lot but I don't like having to give a disclaimer every time I show someone them. I figured y'all might like these specific pages


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