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twovests wrote (edited )

EDIT: A TLDR of the video:

VPNs are useful for:

  • Appearing to be from a different country to get past content restrictions (piracy!)
  • To get past firewalls/filters (e.g. in China)
  • To stop your ISP or people on your network from seeing and monetizing your DNS queries
  • To hide your public IP address from sites you connect to
  • To protect your data on HTTP / non-SSL sites from your device to the proxy
  • (Not mentioned in the video) for creating a virtual network, useful in some work situations

VPNs don't actually help much with protecting the contents you send over the web (these are usually encrypted), i.e.

  • Bank passwords and data
  • Stopping advertisers from tracking you (there's a lot of stuff other than your IP)
  • Making you anonymous