my experience trying to learn a complicated keyboard song

Submitted by no_defun_allowed in just_post

so here's me, and I'm trying to learn Fanfare for the Common Man cause i'm a prog weeb, and i have the synthesiser out in the back room with a fairly big speaker facing me

we're just about to play the flute solo in the middle and my dickhead brother (whom cannot play the keyboard at all and just slams it) plugs in the toy keyboard and starts the drum machine on that, and it's loud and fucks with my timing so i ask him not to and he keeps going and turns it up

now i have the big speaker so i turn it up a little and it's quite a lot louder so he stops, but then he decides to start his keyboard mashing when i bring it down, and we repeat this a few times and it's annoying cause i'm still soloing while twiddling with the volume knob

then he turns it up some more and i can't keep going so i turn that shit up to 10 (it was on, maybe 3 before) and it's loud and he runs off after pulling the plug on it, then does his cute eyes when mum comes in somehow trying to blame me for it

moral of the story is: put your brother instruments out of reach and always save your patches


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