Mullvad is a VPN that costs $6/mo, is very easy to use, and logs nothing. I recommend it to anyone needing a VPN.

Submitted by onevest in just_post (edited )


  1. Costs $6/mo
  2. The only account info you get is a 16 digit identifier. (Go ahead and click "create account!")
  3. Add funds to the account number (you can even do it via cash or bitcoin, if that matters to you)
  4. Download their app and/or program and your VPN is working. Very easy. It took 0 technical skill on my part.
  5. It supports 5 active connections from an account pin at once. This works great for me.
  6. They support OpenVPN, WireGuard, and ssh bridges. They have IPv6 support.
  7. With some techie skills, you can connect your router to a Mullvad VPN. It will count as one device toward the 5 device limit.
  8. They have 410 servers in 39 countries. (https://mullvad.net/en/servers/ )


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oakreef wrote

I should probably do a VPN but I also don't know how to tell which to trust


onevest wrote

BTW for what it's worth, if you have the ~technical skills~, you could also make your own VPN using something like a Linode server and OpenVPN or Wireguard. Idk how that works for, say, legal subpoenas though.


onevest wrote

mullvad seems good enough to me

if i should believe what they say, then they're good as fuck